2020 Ford Super Duty

The blue oval has descided to update the Super Duty trucks for the model year 2020. This is not much of a suprise since the other two heavy duty pickup truck manufactuers have done the same. Ford, unlike GM has not gone with a full redesign. The changes for 2020 are somewhat modest. The change most people will notice at first glance is the headlights and the grille. Unlike the 2017-2019 years, the headligths are more curved and have a much closer appearce to a C shape instead of the brackets. This also causes the grille to have a shaper curve towards the end. The only other noticibale differance on the outside of the truck is the bumper. This front bumper has slightly less pronounced fog lights that blend into the shape a little bit better than the previous years.

Unfotunally the news of the return of the 7.3L engine broke the internet a little early and had people thinging this was a powerstroke engine. This sadly was not the case. The new 7.3L is a gas V8. The 6.7L powerstroke will still be the engine option we care about here on Glow Plug Media. The Torque and HP numbers have not been released for 2020. However we have no doubt Ford will increasing the Torque rating to match or surpass the 2020 Cummins that makes a whopping 1000 Ft-LBS of Torque from the factory. We do however know that the 6.7L will have a class leading common rail injection pressure of 36,000 psi and a revised turbo charger. Transferring power to the ground will be a all new 10 speed TorqueShift Transmission. The new transmission also supports multiple drive modes, including normal, tow, eco, slippery, sand, and snow.

Overall, the changes to the Super Duty are very slight. Although, the changes to the front end have been met with some differant opinions, but this is nothing in comparsion to the new Silverado HD which got destroyed over the internet. As soon as Ford releases the Torgue and HP numbers, we will share the updated info, but for now we don’t see Ford loosing its top seed in the diesel truck market.


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