Derek Rose’s Upgrades For UCC 2019

Derek Rose and DNR Costumes are definitely not rookies when it comes to the Ultimate Callout Challenge. During the past two years, Derek and his center drive Cummins have performed very well. With back to back second places finishes, Derek has his eyes set on the number one spot. To get there, he has decided to take his Dodge Cummins to a completely different level. Over the last few months, the truck has seen many upgrades that will help with the drag racing portion of the competition. This begins with a full tubular back half chassis and a new Moser 9″ rear axle. Up front has been coverted to rack and pinion steering and a 5 lug converted AAM 9.25 front axle with TBM brakes. To help with the recoil of a 2oooHP+ launch, Derek and DNR Costumes have upgraded to Afco coil overs and Micky Thompson radials. The truck now sits 4.5 inches lower and around 500LBS lighter. These changes should definitely give Derek and his team much better chances on improving over last years competition. When the 2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge comes around, Derek  is sure to be the favorite to take home first place. Not only has he upgraded his truck to vast extents, his main rival and 3 peat UCC champion Lavon Miller has sold his truck and may not be competing unless he has a secret project he is waiting to unveil. 


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