2020 Ram HD

After months of starring at leaked photos and speculating rumors, Ram has finally unleashed the 2020 Ram HD. For years, the big 3 have been in the middle of a torque war. The low to mid 900 mark is where they have all been sitting over the last 3 years. Finally, the redesigned 6.7L Cummins in-line 6 is now putting down 1000 Ft LBS of torque. Thus, if you need to pull a ridiculously heavy load or maybe even pull your neighbors house down, Ram has got you covered.

Even though the truck looks similar to the previous 4th gen Cummins powered Ram trucks, Ram assures us it is all new from the ground up. Even the frame is brand new and is made from high strength steel. What is special about this frame is that it is lighter than the previous version while also incorporating fully boxed rear sections for increased strength. The new suspension setup includes stronger and lighter axles as well as multiple options for the rear end. The 3500 has the traditional rear leaf springs, while the 2500 retains the coil-spring setup. Rear air springs are available, with the 2500 setup replacing the traditional springs with a pair of air springs. The 3500 supplements the leaf springs with air bags, allowing for a smoother ride when the truck is unloaded. Three modes of operation control the air springs: Normal/Payload automatically detects the load and adjusts the springs accordingly, Trailer Mode allows the bed to lower about an inch to maintain a level relationship with the trailer, and Bed Mode permits lowering of the bed to simplify trailer hookup or easy loading.

Sitting on top of the new frame and suspension components is the restyled body. It does look similar to the 1500 ram, but if you look at the cab itself, you will see a strong resemblance to the outgoing model. The body itself is made from high strength steel while the hood is made from aluminum.

Just like the 1500, the new Cummins powered heavy duty Rams have an all new luxury interior. This interior features a 12 inch display screen as its centerpiece. This screen alone gives the Ram a very modern feel and look. The HVAC system now pushes more air while also lowering the noise from the previous generation. The top of the line interior is well done, Glow Plug Media is going to have to admit they have the best interior at this point in time when it comes to the 2020 models.

The legendary 6.7L Cummins received some big changes for 2020. First of all, the engine is 60 pounds lighter than the previous version. The rotating assembly got lighter and stronger pistons, low friction rings, and forged connecting rods. Compression ratio for the standard output is 19.0:1; the high-output version uses a lower 16.2:1 ratio to facilitate additional boost. A new variable geometry turbo and massive inter cooler allow the Cummins to produce up to 33 PSI of cold boost. The redesigned fuel-delivery system features a new pump running at 29,000 psi. The standard-duty model is rated at 370 HP  and 850 lb-ft. The high output version clocks in at 400 horsepower and 1000 LBS of torque.

The standard output engine will receive the same 6 speed transmission as the previous generation. Although, Ram claims it has been improved for smoother shifts. Buyers opting for the high-output diesel get an Aisin six-speed automatic transmission with a larger thrust bearing and additional heat treating for specific components. It is safe to say Ram come out of the gate swinging with this all new truck. We are excited to see what it can do and believe it will be stealing a decent amount of market share from the other two big players.


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