Cummins Wont Die!

No matter what your preference of diesel power is, nobody can argue that the Cummins engines found in the Dodge Ram trucks are the most durable. It is this attribute that has made them popular among many engine swaps, work trucks, and so on. These engines are also known to last WELL over 300 thousand miles. So what does it take to kill the famous inline 6 in its factory form? Poor fuel? Terrible mechanic? Well apparently completely destroying the truck in a wreck does not work. In the 3 videos below, you will see what I mean by Cummins engines wont die! Time and time again videos like these show up on the internet and even when the truck is totaled and everything is smashed and leaking, they still run. Crazy.

Can’t kill a Cummins! Tag a Cummins owner! #dieseltruckvidz 🎥 tag the owner!

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